Nevada Ghost Towns

Dates: September 27-30, 2017
Location: Gold Point, Gold Field, and the International Car Forest of the Last Church
Experience Level: Advanced Beginner- Professional
Moonlight Conditions: first quarter moon
With Lance Keimig
Cost: $1195/$1095
Pay in full when you register by June 1, and save $100
Maximum Group Size: 8

Gold Point Ghost town at night

© Tom Paiva, Gold Point

This Night Photography workshop will feature two nights of photography at Gold Point Ghost Town, one in the town of Gold Field, and one at the International Car Forest of the Last Church. I’ve been leading workshops at Bodie Ghost Town since 2003, and many of you have been there with me on multiple occasions, so I thought that it was about time to offer some new Ghost Town locations. Gold Point is not quite completely abandoned, there are a few people hanging on by a thread, not unlike Bodie in the 1940s and 50s when the last remaining residents acted as de-facto caretakers out of love for the place. Goldfield still has a number of residents spread out over a large area, but the town is ripe for exploration and night photography. The International Car Forest of the Last Church is a site to behold- part art project, part religious site, a monument to reuse, a auto boneyard, and most of all, a light painter’s playground.

Held during the first quarter moon, this workshop provides a good measure of moonlight to balance existing ambient lights in Gold Point and Gold Field. Light Painting will be our primary focus, and learning how to balance ambient and added light will be a component as well. This small group workshop is best suited for those with at least advanced beginner photo skills, including familiarity with shooting RAW in manual mode with a DSLR or advanced mirrorless camera. Limited to 8 participants.

The Workshop

Topics covered will include composing, focusing in low light, optimizing exposure for RAW capture and development with Lightroom 6, managing high dynamic range scenes, white balance in mixed lighting, light painting, and lighting ratios. Those with more experience are welcome, and we will offer guidance in the field if you mainly want to concentrate on creating portfolio images or more advanced techniques. The workshop is limited to 8 participants, ensuring that everyone has a chance to work one on one with me. The workshop begins at  2pm at the saloon in Gold Point, which will be our base for the first two days and nights.

Gold Point Ghost town at night

©Tom Paiva, Gold Point

Getting There

The closest major airport is Las Vegas, NV- 180 miles away. Driving from Vegas is about 3 hours. Los Angeles is about 330 miles and 6 hours away by car. It’s well worth the effort to get there. If you are interested in carpooling or sharing a rental car let me know, and I will try to connect you with someone.


Workshop participants have the option to stay at in one of the historic cabins at Gold Point for the first two nights, where we will also take our meals. The second two nights, we’ll stay in Tonopah, which has more services than we would have at Goldfield.

There is no need to make any reservations for Gold Point, as all of the cabins in town are reserved for the workshop. Accommodations are rustic- very rustic, so please do not expect luxury, or anything close to it. However, you will be comfortable, and well fed. There are five simple cabins without running water, which are $120/night for one or two people in a shared bed, a larger cabin with a bathroom for $160 a night for one or two people in a shared bed, and the Senator Wiley House with two bedrooms and a bathroom for $190 per night. All accommodations include an all you can eat cowboy breakfast. Lunch and dinner is an additional $20/day. You will need to pay with cash, silver,  or gold– just not plastic.

In Tonopah, we’ll stay at the Historic Mizpah Hotel, which will also serve as our classroom for the 3rd and 4th day of the workshop.  Call and make your reservation.

 International Car Forest of the Last Church

© Ken Lee, International Car Forest of the Last Church


The cost of this workshop is $1195. You can secure a place in this workshop with a $300 deposit. If you pay in full when registering by May 30th, the price is $1095. Payment is due in full by July 29, 2017. You can still sign up after July 29 if there is space available, but you need to pay in full at that time. Please see the FAQs page for refund and cancellation policies.

 Special Thanks to Ken Lee and Tom Paiva for the use of their images to promote this workshop!