Here you will find technical articles, night photography related magazine articles, and Dr Brown's Services, a suite of Photoshop scripts including Stack-a-Matic, a versatile tool for image stacking. These can all be downloaded below. This content is offered free of charge, but I am unable to provide technical support for this content.

Dr Brown's Services

Russell Brown's famous Stack-a-Matic Photoshop script. This powerful tool expedites and simplifies image stacking for star trails, and does what no other stacking software can: after running the script, you are left with a full size PSD file with editable layers, each preloaded with an empty layer mask. Simply download the file, unzip it and follow the Read Me PDF instructions to install the script. Please note, manual installation is required, so make sure that you carefully place the various components in the proper locations.

Russell Brown is a Senior Creative Advisor for Adobe, and a helluva great guy. Follow him on Facebook, and check out his website. Please do not contact him for technical support.

The History of Night Photography

Download the 28 page first chapter of the first edition of my book: Night Photography- Finding Your way In The Dark, published in 2010. This text reviews the history of night photography from Daguerreotype to Digital. The first chapter of the current edition covers the history of light painting.

Shooting the Moon

An article on the history night photography as it pertains to architecture that I wrote for Architecture Boston Magazine, published in the summer of 2007. It is not about photographing the moon, but editors get to come up with story titles...

Lance Keimig's Dark Obsession

A 2014 Shutterbug Profile on my work by Jeff Wignall. Lots of night images from Scotland