“The course exceeded my expectations tenfold.”
– Amy F., Boston, MA

“Lance, you’re simply tops. This was my third workshop with you, each better than the last. Your abilities as a photographer, your commitment as a teacher, your warmth as a friend, are beyond compare. “And Olcan, what can I say? A week ago, when I met you, I thought to myself that this is someone I’d feel lucky to call a friend. A week later, I feel like I’ve just said goodbye to a member of my family.”
Michael Quinn, San Francisco

“Lance cares deeply that each workshop participant finds what they came in search of. His knowledge of both the technical and aesthetic concerns of photography is masterful, and his absolute passion for photography is inspiring. His good humor and sincerity have won my heart.”
Lisa E., PA

“I was very impressed on how well organized the trip was and I was delighted we were photographing for most of the time. Especially glad we were able to photograph late in to the night. Lance and Sam went out of their way to help and assist everyone. They were the best leader and guide that I ever had and I’ve been to quite few workshops. I also appreciated the time we had visiting local artists and historic sights.”
– Linda F., San Mateo, CA

“This was a fantastic tour. We were exposed to many varying landscapes and subjects, so that everyday was a new adventure. The places we stayed were in great locations, great food, and very comfortable accommodations. Lance Rocked!!! Both Lance and the local guide were encouraging, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I liked the historical perspective as well.”
– Meg. F., Indianapolis

“The photo tour was fantastic with plenty of time for photography. Places visited were interesting with a good deal of amazing subject matter. Lance and Sam were very helpful, especially for a beginner to photography.”
– Rosa L., Miami, FL

“Your love of Scotland was easy to follow and feel. I have more than enough images to create my own vision and memories. Thanks for all of your calm energy and inspiration.”
Jean G., Cambridge, MA

“My tour of Orkney and the Isle of Skye with Lance will always be golden to me. I learned so much, laughed so much and soaked in so many beautiful sights and moments. Lance helped this beginner to see the world through the eye of a camera. My world will never be the same.”
Lucy L., FL