Learn Night Photography and Light Painting with a master who literally wrote the book on the subject, and has been teaching it for twenty years.

When Lance Keimig taught his first night photography workshop in San Francisco in 1997, there were no similar workshops offered anywhere in the United States. Today, there are many workshops to choose from, but no one else has been teaching the subject continuously for the last twenty years.  The Night Skye photo workshops offer courses for novice through advanced photographers covering a range subjects in some of the most breath-taking locations in the country, and photo tours to some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet. Learn With Us!


There are lots of workshops to choose from these days, but no one has more experience teaching night photography than Lance Keimig. The Night Skye workshops are designed for specific skill levels and emphasize specializations like Astro-Landscape Photography, Full Moon Landscape Photography, Light Painting, and Urban Night Photography. Since 1997.

Online Night Photography Classes

If you have wanted to take one of my workshops, but haven’t had the time or money, these online classes are are a great alternative. They can also be used as a primer if you would like to sign up for one of my more advanced workshops, but aren’t quite sure you are ready.

Classes are offered through Creative Live with my partners at National Parks at Night, and also with Craftsy.

National Parks at Night

I'm proud to be one of five instructors for National Parks at Night,  a workshop program focused solely on teaching night photography in national parks.
We teach once—and once only—in each park. We bring more than fifty years of night photography teaching experience and a genuine passion to our students experience.

Night Photography Book

The second edition of Night Photography and Light Painting- Finding Your Way In The Dark contains the most accurate and up to date information on Night Photography and Light Painting. Inside you'll find all new images and greatly expanded and revised text.