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Online Natural Light Night Photography Class

People have been asking for an online or video course for a long time, so when I was approached by Craftsy to work with them, I jumped at the opportunity. The class covers long exposure full moon night photography, short exposure astro-landscape photography, and light painting. Urban night photography is not covered in this class, but will be in the next one. Craftsy is an online education platform that specializes exclusively in the Arts and Crafts. Photography is a relatively new genre for them, and I’m excited to bring you what will hopefully be just the first in a series of night photography and light painting courses. We filmed a 7 lesson natural light night photography class at Bodie Ghost Town in May of 2015, and I am able to offer my .

If you have wanted to take one of my workshops, but haven’t had the time or money, this online class is a great alternative. It can also be used as a primer if you would like to sign up for one of my more advanced workshops, but aren’t quite sure you are ready. As an incentive, if you show me your purchase confirmation, I’ll deduct the price you paid for my online Night Photography class from any workshop taken within a year of taking the Craftsy class.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Night Photography

Lesson 2: Equipment for Night Photography

Lesson 3: Basics of Night Photography

Lesson 4: Astro-Landscape Photography

Lesson 5: Long Exposures- Moonlight and Star Trails

Lesson 6: Light Painting

Lesson 7: Post Processing for Night Photography